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About Us TheMetalCasting.Com is the largest single point source catering to - metal casting manufacturers, metal processors, metal casting companies, foundries - commercial as well as hobby foundries, metal recyclers, casting buyers, designers and researchers.

We intend to help assists casting manufacturers, suppliers, designers, buyers and researchers in their different needs and requirements for effectively managing all their operations, marketing their products and services profitably and sharing experiences and ideas with metal casting experts from across the world. The portal makes it easier than ever for -

  • The metal casting sellers to advertise themselves and get exposure to a larger audience from across the world.
  • The metal casting buyers to locate and purchase different types and designs of casting from reliable sources.
  • The metal casting design engineers to submit their designs, get noticed in front of a wide audience and to make potential customers.
  • The metal casting researchers to access extensive resources on the subject and share their experiences with experts from across the globe.

With late-breaking metal casting news and issues, insightful commentary on the new technology developments and innovations, and expert takes on the hottest industry updates, we aspire to be your first stop for what's new and what's next.

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