Hobby Foundry

Ever thought you could yourself melt sufficient brass or aluminum to create small castings for a special need or project. Well, this is true for many people, who dream about casting metals in their home. They are hobby metal professionals who like to cast metals to fulfill their creative desires or to make a special part or component, which is difficult to find in the market.

Home Foundry

Home foundry can be defined as basic metal casting facilities setup in the home or backyard by hobby metal professionals to make small castings for various needs. A home foundry is different from a commercial foundry in the way it is generally setup using things and equipment that are easily available in the market and can be used to perform simple metal casting works.

Metal casting is an amazing, however, quite a simple process that can be used to make a variety of things, with your skill and imagination as the only limiting factors. From the concept of design through to pattern production and finally to mold making (where the molten metal is poured), all these processes can be easily performed in a home foundry. When the metal has cooled and solidified, it is taken out from the sand, which is now a shiny new metal casting.

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Metal casting enables the hobby metal casting professionals to reproduce different things which could be used for -

  • Making things for special projects.
  • Antique restorations.
  • Vintage car & motorcycle parts.
  • Rebuilding old workshop machines & tools.

Along with these, you can make a lot more types of things, with skill and imagination as the only limiting factors. Foundry operations are reasonably basic, you can use use a timber or metal pattern to produce a cavity in a two-part sand mold, then properly pour molten metal into the mold cavity. The more you practice metal casting, the better your skills – work and creativity will become.

Many people across the globe produce their own superior quality bronze and aluminum castings for vintage and veteran motorcycles and cars. Most of these people also machine and finish their own castings ready for use. Although, you need to have a well-equipped workshop to carry out these operations...however, the point is, it is possible, and it can be done right in the home foundry.

Advantages : Some of the important advantages of a home foundry are -

  • You don't have to locate a source, or pay out the money for some obsolete metal parts or components that are essential for the
  • proper working of your vehicle or some mechanical device.
  • Next time when you need the same component, you don't have the make the mold and some extra efforts, which you did the first time.
  • Moreover, you have put to good use all those small pieces of scrap metal, which were good for little else.
  • While producing a single part or component, you can make more components by just pouring some extra sand.
  • With a little sense of mind and resourcefulness, a good foundry can be setup for a small fraction of the cost of one metal you were going to buy from the market.
  • Except the crucible, most or all of the foundry equipment can be easily produced at home for little or no cost.
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