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An extensive collection of popular videos on different topics related to metal casting. These videos explain the different types of casting processes, pattern making, core making, molding, alloys used and their characteristics, casting designs, surface finishing, and various other casting aspects in detail.

Rich with information, our collection of popular videos teaches the different facets and principles of the metal casting industry and references matters, which are crucial to today's foundry personnel.

These interactive tools have proved to be a cost effective way to – train your employees, learn designing creative cast components for your different requirements, casting tips, latest trends, and more. In these different videos, industry professionals are illustrating the subject matter in an easy-to-follow, self-paced manner.

Though videos can not simulate an in-class experience, they express the same ideas from the experts of metal casting and can be a great tool to gain an understanding of metal casting.

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Educational video of a foundry making cast iron parts
A short film showing the cast iron foundry process. Denford Ltd are a global supplier and manufacturer of design and technology equipment. We are proud to use local British companies for our engineering needs, this video shows the major components being cast for our new VMC 1300 CNC Milling machine.
Cast Iron A20 crucible
A video clip of the Waste Oil furnace in action melting cast iron in an A8 crucible. This furnace has more an A20 crucible, 60(ish)lbs. of cast iron is pushing it to it's limits for the size I've built it in, but it does the job well. This metal is tapped from the spout into a homemade ladle, and the furnace bottom is easily changed to avoid contamination.
Sand Casting Demonstration
A Demonstration of Sand Casting with Pattern Resin. It describes the whole process including creating a mold, incorporating a gating system, removing the pattern, pouring molten metal into mold cavity, and removing the casting.
Seneca Foundry
A video description of the foundry's infrastructure, process and various foundries including grey iron casting, ductile gray foundry, laser pattern mold etc.
Hot metal is still hot-M & H Type Foundry & LetterpressTour
The venerable firm of Mackenzie & Harris, established in 1915, is the oldest and largest type foundry for letterpress printers in the United States. Also known as M & H Type, it offers traditional lead typecasting and Monotype composition as well as hot metal fonts. This tour, part of an A&E Open Book show, takes viewers through the foundry and into the pressroom of Arion Press.
T&L Foundry
This video shows the foundry's facilities including Automatic Molding with an advanced Mold Handling System, Squeeze Molding, Permanent Molding, Air-set (No Bake), and Cope and Drag capabilities.
Access Environmental Systems - Coolfog - Foundries
Coolfog system benefits in foundries. Coolfog systems provide effective answers to managing your foundry .Access Environmental Systems offers new technology, providing solutions for temperature, dust and odour control throughout various industries. AES design, manufacture, install, commission and service fogging system technologies.
WVU iron furnace in action
Iron melts at 2800° F So this Furnace is running at close to 3000° F. This video clip is from the West Virginia University metal casting class showing melting of iron in a furnace.
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