Casting: Traditional Model Making

Traditional model making is nothing but the combination of the digital shape sampling and accessible CAD technology. It is a combination of scan-based measurement with feature-based modeling. Over the last decades, digital shape sampling & processing has evolved. Various analysis, designs, visualization and manufacturing have developed with the help of this traditional model making.

The data enables users accurately capture and construct the shape of physical parts with the help of the DSSP software.

The above-mentioned process has proved its capability in the following applications:

  • It is useful in capturing physical designs and prototypes.
  • Enabling mass customization of each component.
  • In the field of Replication which is helpful to convert complex and organic shapes.
  • Reproducing physical designs and prototypes.
  • Preserving historical design and cultural articrafts.

The development of Traditional model making is very rapid in theses years. In this decade, the combination of the CAD technology with DSSP has led to the development of Traditional model making.

Let us discuss in this article about the advantages of traditional model making. Some of the advantages are given as follows:

  • It is advantages over the existing 3D investments. It takes advantage of your existing modeling systems.
  • The CAD sellers have spent thousands of years, for the development of this highly evolved system.
  • The time consumption is very less in this process and it is helpful of create new designs also. Some times using this method the work can be complete in few hours time, as it takes a very long time using conservative techniques.
  • This hybrid measurement is more advantageous over the traditional CAD techniques, because it reduces the time needed to copy an original design.
  • It generates accurate results. This process is more advantageous over the normal procedure, since it can be repeated a number of times, for obtaining accuracy, and it is can be operated very easily.
  • With the help of CAD system, variety of designs can be produced.

Traditional model making is nothing but the combination of digital shape sampling (DSS) & CAD, in order to offer an inventive technology. As said previously, a CAD system serves as the link or connection for the 3D digital design. It contains tools like DSSP software to measure 3D scan data. DSSP software is also used for modeling composite surfaces. The combination of DSSP software and the CAD system helps to create parametric models accurately and quickly.

Users are unable to introduce new technologies into the existing CAD models, because of its advantages over the existing CDA models. They are taking advantage over the accessible knowledge to improve the digital designs. The 3D models produced by hybrid modeling are ready to use for producing a casting mold. This casting model can be directed to power a rapid prototyping system that speeds mold production process called quick casting.

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