Foundry : Focusing on Yield

The profit of a foundry is greatly influenced by yield in casting. So it is vital that essential step, must be taken to have this set properly at the stage of design itself. The yield improvements also contribute a lot directly towards energy consumption and so many foundries takes their leading steps in this direction.

The role of energy manager in any foundry is thus to concentrate on the improvement of yield. Improvements in yield as said would reduce the energy wasted thereby contributing a lot for energy consumption, saving labor cost, raw materials effective utilization and there by helps a lot in cost saving. Proper measures and steps should be taken in this direction to have efficient productive organization in place.

Steps and Measures towards Better Yield:

There are various steps and measures one has to take from the design stage to have better yield in an organization and there by profitability in the higher side. In this direction some to name process in foundry and equipment management, managing electricity, energy management, and so on.

The steps to be taken for effective yield management also depend on the industry in which it is to be applied. For instance in steel industry the usage of riser insulation reduces the weight and there by contributes a lot towards efficient yield management.

This is because the usage of riser insulation in steel foundries eliminates the riser getting solidified and there by helps in energy consumption by reducing waste of energy. It also eliminates lot of wasteful processes involved otherwise like wasteful process involved for cutting the thickness, process involved in re melting and so on.

To name few are reviewing if current process and suggestions for improvement in current process or energy management, checkpoints to be done at various needed sources like risers cooling rate with immersion thermocouples, carrying out these checkpoints at regular consistent intervals, taking steps for optimization techniques and process and so on.

There are also various cost effective measures that could be taken by foundries for efficient yield management. One such could be usage oxygen enrichment in the melting furnace. This help to melt and reduce the temperature and there by maintain the suggested environment.

The usage of cold iron of poor chemical composition would produce results which would be defective many times and there by results in production unit getting cost increased and delivery time getting delayed which causes great impacts in organization quality and cost. Sometimes it would also be very much essential that the foundries have to take high cost involved steps for efficient yield results.

Some to name in these directions are replacement of hard-mould with high-pressure moulding, using combination of effective metal degassing, fluxing and metal filtration to achieve effective results which if not would cause shrinkage and casting defects.

All these though involve high cost has associated great benefits in it which would make the foundry to go for the same when needed in certain instances.

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