Systems Approach Style to Design Thinking

A System approach style is a setback approach towards finding solutions, in a way that 'problems' are viewed as a part of the overall system, so focusing on these problems will only further extend the undesired problem. System approach can be referred as a composition which is supported on the confidence that the components of the structure when viewed individually, will behave differently and the systems associations will also be removed.

To completely comprehend the reasons behind arising and persisting of a problem is to understand the component's relation to the whole system. A system is required to be seen by a systematic approach as per the system philosophy. Consistent to this, systems approach is also concerned with an understanding of a system by investigating the relationship and interactions of various elements that comprises of the entire system.

Systems approach also attempts to demonstrate that events are divided in reference to the parameters like distance and time and those minute catalytic events can lead to larger disparities in the complex systems. Accepting the fact, that a progress in one area of a system can unfavorably affect other areas of the system, it encourages communication at all levels of the organization, in a way to avoid the affect of feed storage.

Systems approach techniques are used to study various kinds of system like- natural, scientific, engineered, human, or conceptual.

System Approach Beliefs :
  • Dependence of products and their characteristic - independent elements can never add up to a single system.
  • Systematic approach - Budding properties of the system, that are not easily identified by any kind of analysis can be defined by using this holistic approach.
  • Purpose- general discussions helps in approaching some common idea or final objective.
  • Inputs and Outputs - depending upon the type of system(open or closed system), inputs and outputs of the system can be estimated .This helps in finding out the objective too.
  • Entropy - it is defined as the amount of disorder or randomness available in any system.
  • Feedback - It is a method of regulating the system and is necessary to operate the system inevitably.
  • Structural hierarchy - multifarious system is a collation of smaller subsystems.
  • Differentiation - Specialized units of the system are required to perform focused functions only.
  • Alternative ways must be identified for attaining the similar objectives.
  • Drafting alternative objectives from the similar set of inputs is also required.

Design Thinking

Design is measured as the central or distinguishing activity of engineering requirements. And Design thinking reflects the learning processes that designers perform in a systems framework, and make their decisions as they proceed. The design process is itself a very complex cognitive process. There are many informative system approaches to characterizing design thinking. These characterizations underline the skills often connected with good designers, namely, the capability to: stand uncertainty which is reflected in screening the design as investigation or as a loop of constructive and destructive thinking; and maintains the big image by including systems thinking and systems design.

This definition of systems approach to Design thinking promotes engineering design as a considerate process which depends upon the methodical, logical generation of design concepts and the specifications that makes it possible to realize these concepts. Since, creativity is crucial, but the concept of design is not an invention too. Design problems reflects the fact that the designer has a client who further holds the interests of end users (or customers) for whose benefit the designed artifact is being developed.

To an extended degree, design is being recognized and taught as a team process with multiple socio-technological dimensions.

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