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Welcome to our expert opinion section. This section has been designed to help you grow your knowledge and understanding of the wide range of metal casting subjects. So, in addition to our wide array of services, we have on offer to help you do this in our online platform, we've brought a panel of experts from all across the world to help answer your specific questions.

Our expert panel include professional consultants, experienced manufacturers, educators, researchers, designers and engineers. The aim of the panel is to be your one-stop source for answers to your questions and queries about the world of metal casting subjects and issues.

Who can take the benefit of our expert consultants -
  • Metal casting suppliers
  • Metal casting buyers
  • Metal suppliers
  • Foundries
  • Manufacturers
  • Designers

You will get free consultancy about all the following -
  • Initial design help and design improvement help to the buyers and designers.
  • Suitable metal and casting process to the buyers and designers.
  • New alloys, foundry help, energy savings to the manufacturers
  • Designers / Engineers will get manufacturers feedback on their designs.
  • Home foundries will get useful tips from casting hobby experts.
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