Casting Die Making

Die making is nothing but the manufacturing of particular shape of products. Dies are made up of plaster of Paris, cements, steel or any plastic material. They are made by subjecting pressure under the parts to make particular shapes. In die making, cutting of materials like paper, cardboard, the tool of choice is steel rule die.

Die making is a specialized field connected with mechanical engineering .It needs high degree of skills and precision. Die is used to make coins made up of nickel and copper, which are used regularly in our day-to-day life. It is used in mechanical industries to cut metal parts. It is also used in shoemaking companies to cut the rubber parts. Generally, die makers are skilled people. Good academic course, good coaching and proper training period, will make a person a good die maker.

In this article let us see about the die making in coin production.

Coin production is one of the important and interesting areas, where die-making technique is used. But it is a very extensive and complex process.

  • The process begins with the creation of an engraver.
  • An initial image similar to clay modeling is created with plasticine.
  • This plasticine is enclosed with graphite and engrossed in a copper bath. In this stage it receives a thin shield.
  • This thin shield is covered it with plaster.
  • The size of the image is then reduced and it is engraved into steel, with the help of an engraving machine called Janvier Transfer. This steel is called Master Hub, which is used in the making of other dies.
  • This so-called master hub is placed into a special press called hubbing press. A pressure of about 1500 short tones is forced per square inch. Thus master die is made.
  • The so formed master die is used to produce as many working dies as possible, according to the requirements. These working dies are used for the making of the coins.

Dies are generally made up of plaster of Paris. The die obtained should be smooth and plan. In order to obtain that the dieback must be plane. There are many types of dies, in which the air-release die is quite familiar. This type of dye consists of an internal air system, which releases the air when the system is activated.

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