Safety Tips

Followings are few safety tips that one should know if he/she is dealing with casting process or alloys:

  1. Wear eye protection, gloves, spats (covering top of feet), and thick clothing protecting all exposed skin on arms and legs. NO polyester or synthetic clothing.
  2. Sand Floor in pouring area shall be clear of all objects not involved in pouring.
  3. Clamp or weight up molds that require it.
  4. Metal added to heat must be free of moisture and impurities.
  5. Metal added to heat during melt must be preheated.
  6. Skimmers and other melting tools must be preheated before use.
  7. Move Slowly while removing crucible from furnace and moving to mold.
  8. Do not look into exhaust during operation.
  9. Inspect crucibles before use.
  10. Inspect propane lines.
  11. Use outdoors only.
  12. No alcohol or drug use.
  13. Wear respiratory protection while melting copper-base alloys (brass, bronze).
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