Cobalt Alloy

Cobalt AlloyCobalt is a hard, lustrous, silver-gray metal, found in different ores. It is also used for preparing magnetic, wear-resistant, and high-strength alloys. The metal compounds are used in the production of inks, paints and varnishes.

The metal alloys are easily castable and the compositions are characterized with high carbon content & minimum silicon, both providing fluidity. Cobalt and its alloys have been used in demanding applications since a very long time and have contributed significantly to industrial products and processes.

Applications of Cobalt Alloy

Cobalt and its alloys have been popularly used in a wide number of areas and fields. Some of the areas where the metal is used are:

  • Gas turbines
  • Gas turbines
  • Medical prosthetic devices
  • Glass fiber
  • Various heat and wear resistant industrial parts and components
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