Lead Alloy

Lead Alloy Lead is a soft, heavy, toxic metal, bluish white in color when freshly cut but tarnishes to dull gray when exposed to air. The stable and heavy metal has a dull luster and is a dense, ductile, very soft, highly malleable, with poor electrical conductivity. This metal is highly corrosion resistant and this property, makes it useful for carrying corrosive liquids (e.g. sulfuric acid).

The metal is used in wide variety of industries as it can be easily casted or molded into different shapes & used as solder.

Applications of Lead Alloy

Lead is used in a variety of industries wither in pure form or as an alloy. Some of the areas where this metal finds application are:

  • Building Construction
  • Bullet and shot
  • Automotive batteries ( lead -acid)
  • Petroleum refining
  • X-ray Atomic radiation protection
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