Metal Bar

Metal BarMetal bar can be defined as a metal, which is cast in the shape of a block for convenient handling. It is a pure form of metal produced after smelting raw ore with mining. Metal bars come in different forms and sizes for different industrial requirements. Some of the important shapes for metal bars include rounds, squares, hexes, flats and threaded rods.


Metal bars come in various shapes and forms, such as -

  • Flat
  • Round
  • Hex
  • Square
  • Rectangle


Metal bars can be categorized into different types on the basis of materials used in their construction. Hence the different types of metal bars are -

Copper bar Tin bar Bronze bar
Silver bar Iron bar Gold bar
Steel bar Mithril bar Truesilver bar
Thorium bar Fel Iron Bar Adamantite Bar
Felsteel Bar Eternium Bar Khorium Bar
Hardened Adamantite Bar Enchanted Thorium Bar Arcanite Bar
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