Metal Shot

Metal shot can be defined as an alloy, which is 98 % lead and 2 % arsenic; used in making small shot. It is a mixture of two or more metallic constituents normally fused together or dissolved into each other when molten.

Steel Shots are spherical product of hyper-eutectic steel that has been completely heat-treated. It has a uniform structure of finely tempered marten site to facilitate optimum resilience and fatigue resistance.

Steel shots have proved to be an important abrasive for the majority of wheel blast applications. Their durability and resistance to impact fatigue offer maximum cleaning efficiency at the most economical prices.

Stainless steel shots are designed for uses in cleaning pressure die cast components, primarily in zinc and aluminum die casting. Stainless steel shots give shinning as compare to MS Shots.

Types of Metal Shots
Aluminum Shot Copper Shot Nickel Shot
Antimony Shot Gallium Shot Selenium / Tellurium Shot
Beryllium Shot Germanium Shot Steel Shot
Bismuth Shot Indium Shot Tantalum Shot
Brass Shot Lead Shot Tin Shot
Bronze Shot Lithium Shot Tungsten Shot
Cadmium Shot Magnesium Shot Titanium Shot
Chromium Shot Manganese Shot Vanadium Shot
Cobalt Shot Molybdenum Shot Zinc Shot
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