Foundry Raw Materials

Raw material is important element in any foundry. The raw material used, contributes a lot for the energy consumed in any foundry. The melting energy takes its important role in consumption and so effective management in this direction is much essential. Apart from this, the other energies which take lead roles are energy intensive systems such as compressed air and transport systems for molten metal and so on.

These contribute their part in adding the content of energy in the casting. The energy needed for getting a high quality product in a foundry depends on two important facts. They are total energies consumed in the foundry and the quantity of castings shipped.
The numerically derivation for arriving at the energy needed in getting a high quality product is obtained by dividing the total energy consumed in the foundry by the quantity of castings shipped. The quantity of melted castings also contributes directly to the production in a furnace.
Thus the quantity of final product depends on the ratio between the energy used for casting and production in a foundry.

Measures towards Raw Material Management :

The personals working in a foundry play a significant role in the management of raw materials in a foundry. It is essential that these personals working in a foundry must have cost consciousness in the usage of raw material which is a major source for production of quality product and plays a significant part in costing.

To cultivate the mind of cost consciousness in the usage of raw material certain steps like placing the cost of raw materials as notices and posters in significant locations would help. This would help the employees to know the importance of raw materials and know how wastage in that would affect the total cost and quality of production.

Since raw materials plays an important part in quality production it is essential to have this stocked in inventory to have quality product delivered at right time.
So proper plans and steps in this direction is very essential which otherwise would result in loss of production and energy. Proper inventory management with inventory of all current raw materials would help taking an effective step in good raw materials management and there by quality production in right time.

Also proper audit on incoming raw materials is very essential to have correct reports maintained for inventory. The proper audit of incoming raw materials also helps in detecting the defect sources of casting and helps in final quality product.

So some of the important steps to be taken by foundries in this direction of raw material management are foundries should contact suppliers of raw materials and then perform an audit of incoming raw materials as well as take steps to establish quality standards for final quality product.

There are various cost effective steps which when taken regularly and consistently in a foundry would help in effective raw materials management. To name some care must be taken to have the vital source of production raw materials to be always dry. Proper steps must be taken in this direction to keep the raw materials warm. This is because keeping the raw materials dry and warm helps in heat savings and there by having efficient energy management in place.

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