Foundry Material Flow

The old cliché saying of the worthiness of time has redeveloped in terms of profit and money in the highly competitive modern business scenario. Any flaw in the effective management will affect the profit and progress of any organization. It is for this reason that a thorough analysis towards improvement in the over all process based on customer expectations are often conducted even in well-proven foundries. The major factors affecting the excessive energy consumption leading to acquired wastage can be, a flaw in the planning process, a clumsy performance or an obstruction during the transfer of metals.

Process Based Approach

Many different approaches can be considered while implementing a process streamlining. Only a sensible professional can identify the break in the flow of a process and suggest for alterations. The crafting of vision should be from the customer’s perspective. A positive attitude and straight bend of mind are the key factors here. Valuable inputs can be taken from efficient and trained employees. This can disclose the many areas that need to be mended, like excessive production, deficiencies, wastage of efforts and the additional costs generating from them.

Flow diagrams can be used for deriving a suitable methodology. In the case of International firms, simulation software is used for this purpose. Alterations in energy maintenance, industrial productivity, time and transport can be put to practice for maximizing efficiency. Utilizing the resources and time in the right direction will benefit greatly in terms of profit. A galvanizing firm in Netherlands has showed the way for other foundries by taking a monorail system to transport energy resources for better results.

Expression and Monitoring of Energy for better results

The energy consumption rates may vary depending up on many factors determining the overall performance. A thoughtful way of approaching the energy performance and the mode of expressing the measurements hold a key for improving it. Energy measurements can be expressed in the SI units like MJ or VJ. It is an internationally accepted system that can be helpful in making global comparisons as all systems of measurements are connected with a globally accepted agreement.

Energy consumption rates can be expressed in terms of the molted metal castings, good castings, per dollar invested, sales generated per dollar, operational costs per annum, and by the rejecting the capital cost. Activities like planning and analyzing performance and consumption of energy are pre-requisites for any improvement. When the results prove to be positive on analysis, it helps to focus on new areas. This also helps to point out the deficiencies and wastage of energy in specific departments and enable the team leader to improve it.

Setting Standards by Combining Technology and People Industrial productivity should be constantly on the review for meeting the challenges of the future. Until the newly created stream of process becomes steady and efficient it should be constantly checked and rechecked. Energy preservation and management should always be prepared to meet the industrial and technological challenges otherwise the desired effects will perish.

Future compatibility should be well observed. Any change in the process made accordingly to benefit a particular project should b transformed as a procedure, so that it can be referred while doing the training and auditing process. Achieving results cannot be a hindrance in the path of progress. The repeated attention on the achieved energy target enables it to set a standard gradually. This will enable the employees to view energy as an element like all other materials, which will produce good results matching supply and demand to bring market growth.

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