Foundry : Transportation and Distribution

Amongst heap of considerations to establish a new plant, transportation factor plays an important role. Others include land availability, cost of equipments and utilities, availability of resources, business environment etc. Due to increasing awareness of effective plant layout, transportation factor is also growing its demand on overhead costs.

Thus to minimize use of transportation equipments, it is required to reconsider foundry's affects on the generation of greenhouse gases in operating transportation equipment.

Influential Transportation Factors :

As far as haulage is considered, there are some influential factors to be considered for a new plant

  • Market - Proximity to potential clients is very important. As deliverables are required to reach the end user well in time
  • Resources- propinquity to major contenders is another required factor for probable availability of skilled and experienced labor
  • Raw Material - Two-way cargo transfer facilities are also required for raw materials in and product out
  • Faster road transportation access and
  • Quick and convenient rail admittance.

Effective Transportation approach :

Effective transportation is crucial to the industries progress. Without appropriate facilities for transporting final product and people from place to place, economic and social growth of the company can be conceded on in a restricted way. However, the costs of transportation in $/km traveled is also important at the same time and should be minimized. To ensure this, multiple tasks like combined deliveries, optimized travel routes can be handled simultaneously. Also, a consignment can be held upon the return of the trip, thus avoiding unnecessary trips. Joint supplying and delivery prospects should be looked upon with the neighboring sellers.

A preventive check of the loading trucks should be made at regular breaks in order to ensure safe and timely transportation of commodities. A proper maintenance chart should be followed to avoid risks of breakdown and minimize operating costs of fuel consumption.

Housekeeping EMO's

Housekeeping EMO's are energy management opportunities required to be continuously monitored to make wise use of energy and save money. They are as

  • Engines should be turned off when not in use, during waiting, unloading goods, etc. Engines should not be left idle, and should be turned off while waiting, and during unloading, breaks, etc.
  • Loading vehicles, including lift-trucks should be maintained in good operating condition
  • Trucks should not be overloaded for the job. The volume of the truck should be according to the job requirement.
  • Sales deliveries should be combined with pickups or sales calls whenever possible.
  • Optimize travel routes should be looked upon.

Transportation as a productive function :
  • Transportation defines the value of usefulness of time and distance.
  • An increase in effective transportation facilities helps in reducing the cost of production and thus the prices of the final commodities. Easy transport access offers both direct and indirect effects on production cost.
  • As a matter of fact, well-planned transportation enables expansion of localized market to international boundaries.
  • Mobilization of resources like getting raw materials, managing labor, transporting heavy equipments etc are also affected by transportation factors and thus making large scale productions.
  • With the transportation made effective, exposure to variety of consumable goods with varied quality is also available. People are able to enjoy more commodities at lower costs which were earlier restricted to local markets to the whole world.

Transport plays a crucial role of basic infrastructure in production industries and can't be ignored upon. An efficient transport system can change the industries economy and bring major cost savings. Thus, it becomes necessary to look upon the transport department and keep a healthy check on their needs accordingly.

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