Molding & Structural Foam

Structural Foam takes an important role and replaces many of products made using other process and technologies. To state in specific structural foam takes the vital role and can even replace products made from rotational molding and blow molding. The structural foam is generally used to refer components made of thermoplastic injection molding.

Having taken an important role and replacing many products like wood, concrete, fiberglass, metal it takes its role in various applications. The main benefit that is reaped by using structural foam is cost cutting achieved with production increase with greater efficiency of product produced.

Process ad Benefits of Structural Foam :

The process of structural foam involves low-pressure injection molding. In the process foaming of plastic melt is made generally with nitrogen gas. Sometimes foaming process of plastic melt is also made with a chemical blowing agent. This foaming mixture has the attribute of lower viscosity.

The usage of this mixture in molded parts helps in achieving greater benefits. Some of the benefits that could be reaped by the usage of mixture in molded parts are since the mixture as stated has lower viscosity gets used in molded part which has thicker cross section it lowers the creation of stress when the plastic is being injected into the mold.

Also in addition it reduces the injection required along with reduction in pressure needed for clamping. Thus by lowering pressures, forces and stresses more efficient products could be achieved by usage of economical equipments for molding process. These also helps in increased the production in mass number and thereby production unit can carry out molding of multiple parts at the same instance.

Thus the structure of the core molding involved in structural foam takes the shape of honeycomb where denser attribute is lesser on the outer surface. The quality of product achieved is also of greater efficiency in the process of structure foam. That is the thickness attribute achieved in molded product is much higher with much robustness than achieved by using the process of injection molding.

The full utilization of recycled materials as raw materials for the process of structural foam adds value to the process. Also the process of structural foam takes the model of component building and thus can be used across any huge systems of any configuration. To name one such in this aspect is hot runner systems, which are generally used. In this, a single machine has the facility of holding numerous injection points.

By this facility of having numerous injection points on a single machine it is possible to customize and adjust amount of flow in independent unit and accuracy out filling of non- matching parts and geometries as needs and preference. The dissembling of the above system is also easier which can be doe quickly and fitted elsewhere as requirements of tooling and part needed in that instance thus allowing full customizing to be achieved.

Structural Foam Methods :

There are various methods that are generally used for producing structural foam. They are

  • The Low Pressure Process
  • Conventional Molding Machines
  • Typical Moldings Produced
  • Mold Tools
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