Understanding Casting Design

In design engineering, it is important to know and understand the properties of molten metal and use it to one's needs. Collecting and interpreting the information is an important and tedious job to achieve the final results. Knowledge and understanding helps in following ways :

  • It helps in interpreting the given information in the form of drawings, specifications, manufacturer's information's, schedules etc relating to the work and resources to confirm its relevance.
  • To comply with the given official guidance to carry out your work and maintain safe practices.
  • Safe use and storage of tools and equipments.
  • To select the required quantity and quality of the resources like material, components and fixings for identifying various methods of work
  • To comply with organizational procedures to minimize the risks of damage to the work.
  • To comply with the given contract of work to carry out the job efficiently meeting all the specifications. The work skills included in this are inspections, measurement, finishing, and supply.
  • To maintain cleanliness in the surrounding areas by disposal of waste as per the local municipal rules.
  • To complete the work allocated, within the estimated and allocated time. And achieve the job specifications in reference to the program of work.

Knowledge and understanding w.r.t. Performance Criteria
  • Interpretation of information- This further includes:
    • - Information in the form of drawings, specifications, manufacturer's information's, schedules and regulation governing buildings.
    • - The legislative and official guidance - This is the operative's understandings of their everyday jobs concerning current legislation. These everyday jobs are related to workplace, machines, tools and equipments, materials and substances, storage and handling of materials, and mechanical lifting of the products.
  • - Mode of working- Application of knowledge for safe work practices and procedures is equally important.
  • Safe work practices - This will lay greater emphasis on disposal of the waste products is an important environmental responsibility and requires official guidance. There should be a well-drafted emergency plan to situations in accordance with organization authorization and personal skills with fires, spillages and injuries. A good care of the hand tools, machineries and power equipments is required to maintain safe work practices
  • Selection of resources - It is mandatory to understand the characteristics, quality, uses, limitations and defects associated with the resources and the record of the issues associated with such resources. Not adhering to this may arise problems like own authority to rectify and organizational reporting procedures. It is also required to keep a track of the hazards associated with the resources and methods of work and how are they overcome. Resources may be identified as material, component and equipment relating to types, quantity, quality and sizes of standard lining components, fast setting compounds, mortars, cement, void formers, fixings and fittings, pumping equipment, power tools.
  • Minimize the risk of damage - Understanding the purpose of protection and accordingly protecting general workplace activities from other occupations and adverse weather conditions.
  • To meet the contract specifications - Methods of calculating quantity, length, and wastage associated with the production methods and procedures.
  • Allocated time - Meeting the deadline and completing the tasks in the given frame of time is another important aspect of knowledge and understanding
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