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It is vital for any foundry to have an effective energy management program developed. Developing such an energy management program and administering the same efficiently would help in reducing the quantity of energy and cost. The various inputs identified in energy management opportunities must be used to project a detailed plan for energy management program.
Thus an effective energy management program must contain the following elements for effectively saving energy in the whole foundry. They are

  • Elaborate project plan for short term
  • Plan for saving energy in medium term
  • Plan for saving energy in long term
  • Elaborate project plan for short term
  • Plan for saving energy in medium term
  • Plan for saving energy in long term
  • Plan for setting system for monitoring energy to have effective energy management in long run consistently
  • Efficient and regular education and awareness campaigns to make resources aware of improvement methods to be followed
  • Plan for reuse and reduction of wastes

The last point mentioned above will help in achieving energy conservation but energy conservation by itself does not mean energy management. Energy conservation refers to short term plan whereas energy management refer to long term plan in a foundry and developing energy management programs with all the above points helps in achieving the same. It is very vital to set energy conservation targets from the available data which helps in measuring the existing system and suggest for improvements wherever needed.

Establishing Measurement System :

The main source for setting targets for energy conservation is data. The equipments for measurement and gathering all data needed is not always in existent in small foundries. So for such foundries with little existing data it is vital to build efficient energy management programs and with the results achieved from these proposing new equipment systems to management for achieving better results must be made. Thus it is very essential to first build an effective energy management program for measurement of existing system and as a result of which can be controlled. Once the system is controlled it is possible to suggest efficient suggestion for improvements to the existing system.

Targets for Energy Conservation :

Once the system is measured by establishing measurement system as stated above it is easier for measurement of performance of the system. The output achieved from energy audit can be used as benchmarks for setting targets for energy conservation. Then it is also necessary to compare the results achieved from current system with industry set standards. This step will help in identifying steps and process for improvement. Proper care must be taken to set target which are achievable in real situation and which can be measured accurately. Once such targets are achieved plan must be made to ensure to achieve the set targets consistently over a period of time. After achieving the set target consistently over a time period review of this must be made to move to the next target setting and steps for achieving the same.

Thus target setting helps an industry to keep updating to newer objectives and set goals to resources for making their way towards achieving the same. It is essential that a person must take overall responsibility of energy management programs in the industry to keep it ongoing and for effective coordination and efficient planning for the energy saving programs in the foundry.

Efficient Planning and Scheduling :

It is essential for setting priorities while planning and scheduling the works. Proper decision making with efficient tool usages in the same is essential for setting priorities. Motivation of resources is very vital for a project success. To achieve this one can start the plan of work proposed with easier projects. This would enable the set targets to be achieved easily and as a result would motivate the resources which would help in building confidence among work force. This help in achieving the complex task target easier.

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