Implementing Energy Management Programs

Foundry Energy Management Program (EMP)
Foundry Energy Audit
Foundry EMP Set up
Identify Foundry EMOs
Evaluating Impacts of Foundry EMOs
Prioritizing Foundry EMO projects
Developing EMP
Implementing EMP
Monitoring Energy Management System

Having identified, evaluated and selected energy management opportunity projects the next important step is to implement the same. For efficient implementation action plans are needed.

Plans of Action :

For any project to be successfully implemented it is necessary to always have a proper plan of action and so is with selected EMO projects.

Components in Plan of Action :

Various components would take its presence in the detailed plan of action. Some of the vital elements in the plan of action are resources involved, what the action is to be done by the resource, period by which the action must be taken by the resource.

While doing the plan of action it is important to get consent from the resources involved so that no conflict or miscommunication happens in future when the plan of action is put in force. The representation of plan of action can be made in various forms as the taste of individuals preparing the same. For more attractive and easier understanding the representations of the plan of action can be made graphically.

Guidelines for the Executing of Plan of Action :
  • It is vital to start the plan of action to be executed as soon it is set. Delay would result in de-motivating the resources.
  • Always it would be wiser to plan the actions in such a way that simpler projected are getting executed first. This would act as motivating factor for resources to proceed with the next complex item in the plan of action
  • Always checks and motivation must be given to team members to follow the target date in the plan of action. This would help and result for keeping with time in the final implementation.
  • The plan of action must have scope for new goals, objectives, and reviews, meetings whenever needed.
  • Once the plan of action is set it is not that everything is done. Proper review and monitoring facility must be made consistently to check the progress of work, process followed, and energy usage and so on.
  • For efficient monitoring of energy consumption it is essential to place metering equipments at all essential points.
  • Always the targets set for measurements must be expressed realistically. For instance it is always good to express targets set as SI units. This is because this is the standardized unit of measurement used globally and using this would help in comparing in a globalize manner.
  • Constant checks in the action plan for energy management must be made. This is because decline in energy management would result in decline in productivity and effort.
  • It is essential to document in a detailed manner change of procedures so that in future consistent follow in the process can be made.
  • Target once achieved, must not be kept constant. New target must be set and new procedures and plan of actions for achieving the new target must be made.
  • The above process must be followed consistently at regular intervals.
  • Above all proper communication is very vital for any project to attain its success. Each communication must be updated to all needed resources in an organization for proper projection of work and projects success.
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