Foundry Maintenance Issues

Maintenance is an area of management in foundry which contributes towards effective energy management. This area is otherwise called as preventive maintenance and benefits achieved by this contributes lot. However there are many areas in which issues would get created if maintenance is not done or concentrated properly.

To name few are equipments getting breakdown because of not proper maintenance would cause production to be lost and there add cost of production.The cost of production in this aspect gets added because of penalties laid by customers because of result of delay in final delivery, labor cost getting higher because one has to make overtime to compensate the production lost, addition in overhead costs, cost of energy spent additionally.

If one takes measure to review and spot the cost associated with the various components mentioned above for per hour period of time they could clearly realize that the cost is on the higher margin.

It is thus very essential that proper steps and process must be set to prevent these costs and have proper maintenance plans set which otherwise would lead to issues in maintenance. Such defective and preventive measures if planned and carried out consistently at regular intervals of time helps in cutting the down time and improves the overall operations of the organization thereby contributing towards overall energy consumption in a foundry.

Thus an efficient energy conservation program should necessarily include process for preventive maintenance set in it. Though there are some cost involved with installation of preventive maintenance it is easily taken back in shorter period by the benefits achieved by operational cost and energy consumption. Proper steps to be laid towards effective maintenance are very essential which if not done would increase maintenance costs and decrease in product quality.

Also since workforce is involved in foundry risk management is taken care only by efficient maintenance management program. The foundry equipment is all avoided of issues if proper maintenance is carried out for these equipments at regular intervals. To avoid the issues involved from maintenance proper steps to be taken is much essential. There are various steps that could be taken in this aspect.

To name few service contracts with reputed companies can be made for maintenance which take care of the proper maintenance at regular intervals consistently, for maintenance that cannot be performed by the foundry technician proper contact details maintenance would help to contact required workforce at needed times correctly to carry out the process of production without delay and there by helps in cost saving.

Proper maintenance programs also helps in identification of foundry equipment purchases at essential times. These steps towards improved process for maintenance help in reducing risks and issues and there by helps in achieving an effective efficient system in an organization.

Proper care must be taken to include each steps and process while preparing the preventive measures. One such thing is to include the hand tool that is, tool driven by compressed air. These steps helps in improving the total lifetime of the equipment and contributes a lot towards compressed air and there by helps in achieving efficiency energy management.

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