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Foundry Energy Management Program (EMP)
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Monitoring Energy Management System

For achieving and identifying the energy management opportunities there are various process and methods to be followed. Some of them are walk-through energy audit, measurement of systems performance to identify where energy is used efficiently, data maintenance and review to study performance improvement, identification and studying ideas from related industries and other sources for identifying energy management opportunities, budgeting for equipments and following consultants and suppliers advise while purchase of equipment with view of energy saving and by making the process such that industry focus not only on production but also on energy efficiency so that balance use of energy and materials is achieved. Some of the broad categories in identifying energy management opportunities are energy audit, process management, energy management which is discussed below.

Energy Audit :

Energy Audit takes a vital role in understanding the use of energy management. Energy Audits helps in a foundry to identify energy management opportunities and helps management and resources to use energy efficiently which helps in saving energy and cost. Thus energy audits are the gateways for identification of energy management opportunities. There are different levels in which the energy audit is conducted. The broader levels are the yardsticks, screening, walk-through and engineering. These broader levels of energy audits are deeper classified based on various factors like energy type, scope of industry, systems in place and so on. Among the above energy audits the walkthrough energy audit is the one which helps in identification of energy management opportunities.

Process Management :

Efficient process management is vital for any successful industry and process updating is essential which is done by improvements in process equipment, updating to latest technological changes for achieving resource efficiency, better quality of products, and improved controlled process along with the motivation of reduction energy consumption.

Energy Management :

Efficiency in energy management is achieved by analyzing and takes steps towards effective and proper use of energy and making the best choice in the source of energy thereby making profit and minimizing cost. Fuel substitution also takes a greater impact in energy management and this factor must be considered along with other key attributes like availability of fuel in market, cost and the metal for which it is being used. Making proper choice based on these attributes is essential to have quality of product being maintained along with cost saving.

Production Management :

The key factor in identifying energy management opportunities is achieved by identifying and bringing out changes in the vital area of organization which is the production. Bringing out improvements and up gradations in planning and scheduling activities in production would result in proper energy consumption.

Electrical Power Management :

Cost associated with Electric power management is in three different areas. They are electric consumption, demand and power factor. Proper control taken in all these three areas which are electric energy consumption, power demand, power factor would help in increasing the profit of the industry.

Heat Management :

Energy is associated with waste heat as exhaust gas, waste stream of air and so on. Proper re-use of these waste heats would avoid pollution and results in efficient use of energy. It is also vital to take proper steps to prevent loss of heat in various forms to maximize energy utilization.

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