Casting Software Systems

ftware and Management System Software and management system can be defined as a package of software and hardware tools that are used to integrate different functions and tasks within an organization for streamlining of operations and to optimize performance. These equipment are used in foundries to simplify the various tasks and functions and to minimize the human error. A typical software and management system may include modules for master agents and warehouse management, effective monitoring and automation of all the business processes including inventory, back orders, sales and returns, accounting, employee management, security and more.

Modern day software and management systems facilitate the monitoring and management of the various tasks and functions, equipment, softwares, servers, and security of a foundry. These systems offer the advantages of redundancy, reliability, scalability, and security.

Some of the common software and management systems used in foundries are -
  • Bar Code Systems
  • Data Processing Systems
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Environmental Compliance & Data Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Solidification Modeling & Mold Filling

Advantages Some of the important advantages of software and management systems in foundries are -

Quality Control
A good quality control program is crucial to the success of a foundry. Reduction in every percent of scrap goes to the bottom line. A software and management system helps improve the quality standards in a foundry by -
  • Allowing the shop floor to view pictures, drawings and work instructions.
  • Provides a stop code system to prevent manufacturing defects from occurring.
  • Integrates the scrap control, certification, returns tracking, and internal hold modules.
Inventory Control
A software and management system helps improve the inventory control in a foundry by -
  • Tracking inventory at the vendor's site.
  • Ensuring accurate production information.
  • Eliminating lost inventory.
Information & Execution
Right information coupled with efficient execution results in reduction of time and cost. A foundry software and management system helps in efficient execution of different tasks by -
  • Tracking surcharges at order entry or invoicing, by customer.
  • Tracking of pattern activity and costs.
  • Chemical and physical property analysis
  • Schedule by weight and metal
Integration of Processes & Functions
ftware and Management System A software and management system helps optimize the performance of a foundry through integration of different tasks and operations. The system helps in efficient execution of different processes by -
  • Integrating all the important data and functions through a single control
  • Ensuring data accuracy
  • Streamlining different functions and operations
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