Mold, Core and Sand Equipment

Mold, core and sand preparation equipment refer to a broad range of machines and systems that are used for the preparation of mold, core and sand in foundries. A broad range of equipment are available in this category that are available in a variety of sizes, capacities and specifications to satisfy various operational purposes and requirements.

Sand preparation equipment are used for sand aeration, mulling, skip charging, and sand sieving. Sand preparation is directly proportional to the mold strength you get. It is mainly used in small and medium size foundries.

Melting, Pouring and Heat TreatmentMelting, Pouring and Heat TreatmentMelting, Pouring and Heat TreatmentMelting, Pouring and Heat Treatment
Types of Equipment

Some of the common mold, core and sand preparation equipment are -

Chip Dryers Carbon Raisers Cupola Injectors Cupola Blowers Cupola Chargers & Auxiliaries
Cupola Fluxes Cables Immersion Bells Molding Machines Cupola Control Equipment
Fluxes Core Hangers Hot Melt Aerators Core Drawing Machines Environmental Refractory Handling Systems
Deoxidizers Core Binders Sand Air Strippers Core Extruding Machines Molten Level Flow Control Systems
Mixers Core Ovens Gas Generators Core Handling Equipment Cupola Hot Blast Equipment
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