Foundry Heat Management

Taking steps towards heat loss from a system is as important as, providing needed heating facility to the system since it contributes towards system efficiency. For instance during cold season proper heating facilities would be provided in any foundry but at the same time if one measure the heat lost because of keeping the gateways like doors open it would make the total system inefficient because this adds to the operating cost of any foundry. So this requires efficient management steps to be taken for reusing the heat lost in any foundry.

Work Force Contribution :

In this aspect various steps can be taken for proper heat management and efficient reuse of heat loss. One of the steps is to concentrate on heat balance by which proper balance must be made between sources of heat and loss of heat.

This is because, both these are not independent and must be aimed at achieving together in a balanced manner for efficient system maintenance. There are various steps, which could be taken by work forces toward energy management and efficient heat utilization.

Some of them to name are closing windows, doors and openings during winter season to prevent heating from getting lost, assigning personnel for switching off machinery at unwanted times, switching of unwanted electricity usage sources like light, air conditions, fans during week ends and in restaurants when not needed, taking care to avoid unused areas to be either heated or cooled, repairing broken windows, doors which would lead to loss of heat, avoiding blockage of radiator and ventilation grids and so on.

Having controlled thermostats as needed would also add greater to achieving efficiency. For instance thermostats could be reduced during weekends, winter and holidays and thermostats can be increased in other days and in summer.

Process Improvement at Low Cost :

Apart from actions from work force towards efficient heat and energy management some more process improvements would contribute a lot in this area.

To name few are during winter season re-circulation of hot air generated from machines to buildings, usage of radiant heating, automated damper system used during cold season for preservation of heat, keeping environment shady by planting trees at appropriate places, by proper process set for utilization of electricity like steps can be taken to have exhaust fans power linked to light switch so that proper utilization takes place and so on.

High Cost Improvements :

There are various improvements which though involves high cost would help in efficient heat and energy management. Some of them to name are usage of active solar heating technology with good insulation fetches greater results towards heat management, for achieving good heating effect usage of solar wall would prove its worth, during hot season usage of evaporative cooling of flat roofs would help in achieving the heat reduction naturally and there by avoiding load in air conditioning.

Also sufficient plans and steps must be considered for achieving double results by a single usage of equipment, which adds for efficiency of system and cost savings. For instance usage of heat pumps helps to achieve both effects of heating and cooling in a foundry.

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