Foundry Lighting

Efficiency in energy achieved by the process of lighting can be easily studied and plays an important part in any industry. It is vital to conduct energy audits in a foundry at regular intervals. The results reported from these audits should have results confirming to the standards set by energy efficiency act.

If it is not confirming then proper steps should be taken to use lighting process efficiently and there by proper utilization of energy. Some of the steps to name are proper utilization of electric utilities, using good products for lighting, getting consultants suggestions on this area.

In the process care must also be taken to provide proper lighting facilities at needed places in the foundry. The act of saving energy from lighting must not be taken at the cost of proper lighting at required places. Also rather than concentrating on lighting intensity it is wiser to concentrate on efficiency of energy used by lighting and upgrading in housekeeping department to improve the same.

To name some in this are accumulation of dust could cause loss of light, fluorescent, obstruction of object between could cause loss of light. So essential care in these areas must be taken and lighting must be done at proper angle to prevent obstruction of light and loss of light. Careful study and steps must be taken to use lighting only wherever needed.

For instance if natural environment light can be used by usage of windows at appropriate places then usage of those must be made to use light at needed places and there by using energy efficiently.

Assigning responsibilities to all departments in the process of saving light and using energy efficiently must be done. In this area housekeeping department plays the vital role.

Proper steps and persons must be assigned in the department for switching of light at the end of production and switching on during needed time in production. Persons must be assigned from this department to clean the lightings and fixtures from dust at regular consistent intervals to prevent loss of light. Also regular changing of lamps wherever needed must be done.

Parking lights must be switched off when not needed. In short proper care and assignment of persons in using needed lights would result in effective energy utilization. The use of automatics switching of lights at predetermined timings also helps to improve process.

The color selection while painting of walls and ceilings also would contribute a lot for lighting effects. Always it is better to choose light colors for walls and ceilings to prevent reflection of light.

The lighting to be done must be more process oriented rather than in general. Usage of motion detector light switches wherever it fits would help a lot in reducing the cost. Care must also be taken to review the efficiency of light used and replace low efficiency light with higher efficiency.

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